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The most prominent newspapers issued in Khartoum on Wednesday morning headlines

newsNewspapers highlighted the Khartoum issued Wednesday morning following addresses: –
alaym :-
* Government: America offers the largest humanitarian aid for the country.
* A new draft law for the use of agricultural land.
* Parliamentary workshop precedes the preparation of a new draft law of the land.
* Round Bashir Darfur states include five ahead of a vote on the referendum.
* Abu Issa days: the uprising to come and change will be from Khartoum.

alofag: –
* Saudi investments represent a quarter of foreign investment in Sudan.
* People: Al-Bashir’s position in the departure of Turabi gentleman did Nnks for dialogue.
* National: SPLM trading and compromise the lives and blood of its citizens.
* Leading south of demanding accountability hosts Northern Sector Meeting.

* Essam al-Turabi reveals secrets about the life and devitalized his father.
* Saudi Arabia allows a visitor’s visa to the sister of residents in the Kingdom.
* Wali of Kassala accused the previous government of financial corruption.
* Fire devoured a number of palm trees Northern Area.
* Sudanese eliminates traveling from Cairo airport because of “birds.”

alshafa :-
* Foreign warns Juba of supporting armed movements.
* In the court of public money .. saw the defense reveals transfer funds to calculate the ministers of labor details.
* Dr. Nafi African parties against the decisions of the (criminal).
* The government condemns the issuance of a report on the famine, the country’s UN office.
* Presidency draws up cultivated White Nile spaces.
* Compel Sudan University have the word (enrollment) at the graduation certificates.

akhbar aluom :-
* Chairman of the General Union of Students reveals Re (70%) of the entrants to Daash.
* Government reveal arrangements to remove the name of Sudan ((List of Shame)).
* Humanitarian Aid Commission denies the existence of famine in the country.
* Darfuri leaders of the National nation: some children of the region are demanding secession.
* Feelings Atb: The government signed the protection of children from armed violations plan.

alray alam :-
* Upcoming tour of Bashir in Darfur before the referendum.
* Kamal Omar: Al-Bashir’s position in the departure of al-Turabi was a gentleman.
* Ghandour meet with German Foreign Minister.
* Ibrahim Mahmoud calls for the Popular Movement for lack of procrastination in the negotiations.
* Witness: Sunrise minister refused to implement the decisions of the Court of Justice.
* British Parliament held an open session on Darfur and regions today.

Alintibaha: –
* Government: No famine in the country.
* Information in the case of serious abuses of the Ministry of Labour.
* Juba government unable to pay salaries and advance calms army commanders.
* President stands on the security situation on the ground in Jebel Marra soon.
* Higher Education: I will not corroborate any testimony there is no type of study to April.

Sudani: –
* Juba government warns of the consequences of continuing to support the north sector.
* Sudanese states require competencies in the field of vocational training.
* Sits a young man sentenced to death for the secondary school certificate exams.
* National: Opposition want our death and Hlakena.

* Arrangements to remove the name of Sudan (list of shame).
* Juba: actors seeking to disturb the atmosphere with Khartoum.
* Wali of South Darfur: ((What the tribe fearfully government)).

Al-Ahram today: –
* (Mount Moon) admits: We participated as mercenaries in Heglig and Libya on behalf of justice and equality.
* Baroness Cox discussed the two regions before the British Parliament today.
* (7 +7) formally agree to display the recommendations of the dialogue on the naysayers.

aloan: –
* Internal pulls (179) driver’s license in 2015.
* Intercourse accused the previous government of Kassala financial corruption.
* Abdullah Ali Ibrahim: Government infected revolutionary crisis.
* US went to subdue ((Alwatsab)) for observation.
* Password: registration of more than 2 million breach of the past year.

almjhar: –
* Professor ((Dafallah PCP)) reveals important details about the last days of the life of Sheikh.
* ((Kamal Omar)): ((Bashir)) came back Dynasty ((PCP)) for the consolation for the third time and his gentleman.
* King ((Salman)) thank ((Bashir)) during a phone call to participate in the maneuvers (Raad north).
* ((Nafi)): Sudanese parties in favor of the criminal ((from behind a screen)).
* Ministerial Decree reduce the duration of specialists to meet the US (4) years.

aluom altaly:-
* Negotiations between the government and the north (Friday) next year.
* The government will proceed in the privatization of maritime lines.
* The absence of (400) students for certification exams in northern Darfur.
* (NCP) calls for opposition to the medial area between ((Heaven and Hell)).

alsyha: –
* Currency degradation and insecurity threaten trade with the south.
* Umma Party rejects the referendum and warns of a scheme to divide Darfur.
* South parliamentarians questioning the Minister of Finance on the deterioration of the economy.
* Make recommendations for dialogue and reluctant to accept the proposals by the General Conference.
* Parliamentary official: teams to monitor the drugs trade across the border.

* ((Hassan)) requires the leadership of his party to Cairo.
* Wholesome change: No need to altercations between the national and popular.
* Judicial rulings fine on the newspaper (Watan).
* Mbeki in Khartoum to revive the peace process.
* ((Financial)) announces the application of government resource planning system early April.
* Search the final arrangements for the purchase of wheat.

* Stops (13) factory Spinning and Weaving Company in Sudan.
* SPLM: ready to engage in a second phase of dialogue.
* Five of the opponents of dams Bhlva arrest.
* Re-union Khartoum Hospital election day.

Armed Forces :-
* Upcoming tour of Bashir in Darfur preceding the referendum.
* Hassabu chairs the meeting the final arrangements to start buying wheat crop.
* Discuss the performance report of the National Council for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration.
* Khartoum appreciates China’s efforts to achieve peace.
* Nafi African parties and rejects all forms of domination on the continent.

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