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These foods and medicines are incompatible with each other

Despite the great benefits that humans get from eating certain foods, it is important to consider that some foods are incompatible with certain drugs and may lead to adverse adverse effects.

For example, antibiotics are deactivated if eaten with milk or yogurt, according to German health magazine Wellfoot.

Iron tablets become useless when used with coffee or tea, and the combination of flavonoids found in acidic fruits and analgesics, such as aspirin, leads to rapid heartbeat.

Similarly, cortisone is not compatible with peanuts or potato chips. When they meet, the person may become infected with stomach acid or acid spasms.

One of the most dangerous cases, for example, is the treatment of blood clots with broccoli, spinach or lettuce, since these foods contain vitamin K, which acts on blood clotting, and thus has an anti-leukemia effect. In the worst case This can lead to a clot.

Experts also warn that grapefruit may not be taken with drugs because its juice can interact with some drugs. It increases the bioavailability of drugs, leading to excessive drug interactions and excessive accumulation of toxic drug effects in the body.
Source: German

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