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New York Times: Shafiq withdrew forced from the presidential race in Egypt

The Egyptian authorities have put pressure on Egyptian opposition leader Ahmed Shafiq, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s strongest rival in the upcoming presidential election, to force him to withdraw from the competition, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper quoted one of Shafiq’s lawyers, who asked not to be named, as saying that the Egyptian government had forced him to withdraw by threatening to investigate previous charges of corruption against him.

She added that what the lawyer said was confirmed by voice recordings of phone calls to an Egyptian intelligence officer obtained by the New York Times.

“If he decides to be with us, we will consider him one of the former commanders of the Egyptian armed forces. Did you understand?” Said al-Khouli. Abu Matin did not agree with his family. “

The newspaper’s new disclosure comes two days after its publication, the contents of sound recordings of phone calls between the Egyptian intelligence chief himself and Egyptian journalists to guide them to promote US President Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem.

End of speculation
Shafiq ended speculation yesterday about his candidacy for the presidency with a brief statement on Twitter, saying that after reviewing the situation in Egypt, he is sure that he is not the best man to run the state affairs in the coming period.

The newspaper commented that Shafiq’s withdrawal from competition has heightened public concern about the fairness of the presidential election to be held next spring.

Shafik, who lost the presidential election in 2012 to former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi by a narrow margin, was deported from the United Arab Emirates last month, a few days after announcing his intention to run for the next Egyptian presidential election this year. Rethinking his quest to run.

Other pressures
The New York Times also reported that two other presidential candidates are currently facing charges that many believe are politically motivated to prevent them from competing.

Since arriving from the UAE, Shafiq has spent most of his time in a luxury hotel in Cairo, refraining from any newspaper interview, which has surprised the politicians and ordinary Egyptians who are wondering whether Shafiq is being held at the hotel.

Shafiq’s relatives and aides say he is not allowed to speak to any media and is forbidden to leave the hotel until security authorities have given permission.
Source: The New York Times

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