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Vice President calls on women to transcend regionalism

The Vice President of the Republic, Hasbbo Mohammed Abdul Rahman, called on the sectors of women to play a positive role towards the issues of peace and social peace, and the project of collecting weapons and making public opinion against the infiltrators and incitement to overcome the gangs and gangs within the community.

Speaking during the opening of the 10th Conference of the Women’s Union of South Darfur State in Nyala on Sunday, Hassabo pointed to the positive repercussions achieved by the national dialogue, which is the largest political project after independence, achieves national consensus in resolving the issues.

He said that Darfur was now living in a new phase after it had passed the era of wars and strife, which had left the displaced and the orphans.

For his part, the governor of South Darfur, Adam al-Faki, that his mandate exceeded the past and went to development and stability.

Al-Faki pointed to the great improvement in the state, revealing that 90 villages in the state returned to its people and is stable and live life in the reconstruction.

Source: Alshrooq Network

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