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Trump’s lawyers and confiscated documents

A team of President Donald Trump’s lawyers has asked a federal judge to stop federal prosecutors from reviewing documents seized from Michael Cohen’s lawyer’s office on the grounds that the Justice Department can not assess the documents fairly, The Hill newspaper reported.

Trump’s lawyers said a review of these documents should be made available before federal prosecutors are informed. Cohen is currently being investigated for bank fraud and campaign financing.

A week ago, FBI agents raided the New York office of Cohen and confiscated documents and records on various issues, including paid receipts for pornographic actress Sturmie Daniels. The lawyer’s house and room were also used by a hotel in New York.

Daniels says Trump had a relationship with her in 2006, and Cohen was reported to have paid $ 130,000 for the actress to buy her silence.

In part, Cohen’s office was raided by Special Inspector Robert Muller, who investigates the complicity of the Trump campaign and Russia. The president expressed his anger at Cohen’s office.

On Saturday, the New York Times reported that Trump’s advisers believed that investigating corruption cases involving his own lawyer was more dangerous than Mueller’s investigation into the possible Russian involvement in Trump’s presidential election in November 2016. “

The White House recently said that Trump has the power to dismiss Muller, and the president recently denied that he planned to dismiss Muller late last year, saying he could be dismissed from his job if he wanted.
Source: Al Jazeera

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