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Michael Wolf: Fire and anger will oust Petramb

Michael Woolf, author of “Fire and Fury”, predicted that the content of this book would mark the end of US President Donald H. Trump’s term in office.

Wolf said the book reinforces the belief that Trump is ineligible for his post, and that most people are now pointing to this conclusion.

Trump has denied accusations that his mental health makes him unsuitable for the presidency, and wrote in a tweet on Twitter that he was a genius.

After a meeting with US lawmakers at the Camp David resort, Trump considered “fire and anger” a fictional book. He also denied that the author of the book conducted any interview with him.

The book includes several testimonies in which the writer lists the imbalance in the work of the US presidency and the actions of the president, who does not like to read at all and secluded in his room starting at six in the evening, and runs in front of three television sets.

Wolff said in a television interview that everyone around him was wondering about his ability to govern. “They say that he is like a child, and that he has to be satisfied quickly, and that everything has to be done around him.”

“He moves in all directions like the ball,” he said, adding that Trump sometimes tells the same story “three times in 10 minutes,” something that sometimes happens during his journalistic interventions.

The book pointed out that Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman, when he was Crown Prince and after the success of Trump in the elections, contacted Gareed Kouchner, son of Trump, and introduced himself as his leg in Saudi Arabia.

The author of the book said that the crown prince, whom he described as an entrenched video game, was the mediator who promised the United States that he would shorten the road in the files of the region and to reap something of America’s greatness.

On May 5, Michael Wolfe became known as a firefight after his book Fire and Fury, which revealed sensitive information about President Trump and his administration.

The printed version of the book ran out hours after it was released, while sales of the online version jumped to large numbers. Wolf wrote to liberate the book on more than two hundred conversations with President Trump himself, and the closest to him.
Source: Al Jazeera + Agencies

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