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The meeting of Berlin .. Which paves the way for the movement’s involvement in peace?

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) urged the armed movements not signatories to peace in Darfur to immediately begin participating in the planned meeting on 16/16 of this month in Germany for peace and reconciliation in Darfur on the basis of the Doha document. The Council stressed that the objective of the meeting was to reach a pre-negotiation agreement. The Council noted that reaching an agreement in these talks would pave the way for talks on cessation of hostilities and then move on to negotiations on political issues.

The Commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Union Ambassador Ismail Sharqi said that his commission had previously given the anti-peace movements three months to join the peace, stressing that the positive steps taken by the Sudanese government towards the collection of weapons has led to the achievement of security and peace in the region, The agreement is a last chance for the armed movements to join the peace process in Darfur, he said, adding that the Commission will take the necessary measures to deal with the situation if it does not agree to catch up with peace.

It is expected that the meeting in Berlin will be attended by the head of the African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and representatives of the Troika, the European Union and France, and as the Sudanese government has repeatedly declared its willingness to negotiate once the movements are ready for that, the main axis that may be deliberated is the possibility of The movement was joined by the Doha peace document, which the government delegation stipulated should be the basis for any peace process in Darfur.

Nahar Osman Nahar, political secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), told the SMC that the Berlin agreement could be a step towards peace, cessation of hostilities and clarifying the points of contention, stressing that the year 2020 will witness a democratic transition in the country, pointing out that the African Commission and UNAMID had called Armed movements of the delinquency of the peace process. Nahar said that the head of the UNAMID mission had indicated in his recent statements that the movements can determine their position if it took a positive signal to join the peace, adding that what is required in the negotiating sessions be for peace, pointing out that the Doha document is a document and not an agreement that can negotiate Around him. Nahar said the government had shown good signs and showed goodwill in its commitment to a ceasefire for more than a year. He referred to the three-month period granted by the Peace and Security Council to the movements to reach a peaceful agreement, adding that the Peace and Security Council in a report accused the rebel movements of procrastination towards achieving peace, Has become an obstacle to reaching a peaceful settlement.

Abu Bakr Hamid Nour, secretary of the Justice and Equality Organization, told “smc” that peace has become an option and it is not the place to negotiate Paris or Berlin, saying that as there is a platform for the resignation and the government did not object to it there is no room for special rejection after the government took care of the security and social arrangements “The effects of the long war, the disengagement of prisoners, treatment of patients, refugees, voluntary return and promising integration” in addition to the “994” recommendation presented in the dialogue and discussed how to implement. “If they have any additions to the Doha document, they should come forward, but on the condition that they are logical.

It seems that the progress made in the security situation in Darfur and the positive steps taken by the Sudanese government towards the process of collecting weapons have led to the achievement of security and peace in the region, which called on the joint mission of the United Nations and the African Union to commend the great efforts made by the Sudanese government to stop the hostilities and contain the crises, The region through the major developments in the situation in the states of Darfur compared to the last phase, and the government’s quest for peace prompted the Security Council and the peace of Africa to ask the armed movements to take the necessary measures to Deal with negotiating seriously and grant the file last chance through a meeting of Germany.
Source: Smc

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