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How to choose your health insurance?

Health insurance is an umbrella for the provision of affordable health care to the user and protects him from paying large sums for treatment. How can you choose the right health insurance plan for you?

In general, health insurance may be one of three types:

State health insurance provided by the state to citizens and residents.
Health insurance provided by companies and institutions to their employees.
Individual health insurance in which the person participates directly with the insurance company.

We present these considerations when a person is involved in the three types:

Is the person single or married? Does he have children or plans to have children? If a person is married and has children, he or she must be enrolled in a health insurance plan that includes childcare, care for the pregnant woman and others. If he is single, he can enroll in a plan that provides less services but is less expensive.
Does health insurance cover doctors only within a particular network? Is treatment allowed outside? If treated outside this network is covered by insurance?
Does health insurance cover vaccinations and dental treatments? Is there a ceiling?
Are there doctors within the health insurance network in your city or region?
The amount of the insurance contribution, which may be monthly fixed, may also include a deduction for a certain percentage of the costs of the medical procedure when it occurs, such as the individual paying 10% of the doctor’s check, or 5% of hospital fees.
Diseases covered by treatment and covered procedures.

Source: Al Jazeera

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