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Displacement continues from Duma

DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Dozens of so-called hostages released by the Syrian armed opposition in the city of Douma arrived at the lines of the regime’s army on Monday evening under a Russian-brokered deal under which the guerrillas would leave the besieged city, state media said.

The Syrian news agency (SANA) said that all the “hostages” remaining in the Duma left in two buses yesterday evening, after it said earlier that a batch of those identified as kidnapped by the Army of Islam arrived in the capital Damascus.

Dozens of opposition fighters and their families have also left, where at least 25 buses will be transported through the arrivals crossing, state television said, adding that they would then target an area controlled by the armed opposition in the north of the country near the Turkish border.

She explained that buses carrying a number of fighters of the Army of Islam with their families went from the city of Douma to the passage of the camp of expatriates, in preparation for the transfer of those wishing to leave the eastern Gouta to Gerbels in the north of Syria.

The Russian side reached an agreement with the Army of Islam faction to leave the latter with the willing of the civilians to Graves Bryp Aleppo, after the delivery of heavy weapons with guarantees that the regime does not expose those who refuse to exit. Under the agreement, the Russian military police entered the city instead of the regime.

A final agreement has been reached between the Army of Islam and Moscow, according to the Civil Negotiations Committee in Duma, according to which the fighters of the faction that controls Douma are to leave the northern Aleppo countryside near the Turkish border.

The regime had previously announced that Army of Islam had asked to negotiate with him “after the decisive military operation on the opposition positions in Duma.”

The displacement comes in the wake of a week-long military operation, during which government forces took control of most of the eastern towns and villages of al-Ghouta on the outskirts of the capital.

Supporters of the regime in Damascus fired into the air to celebrate the announcement of the agreement, which means the full fall of the Eastern Gauta into the hands of the regime for the first time since the Syrian revolution began seven years ago.

The celebration comes a day after a chemical weapons massacre, which the Syrian civil defense said was committed by the regime in Duma and killed 42 people, mostly children and women.
Source: Agencies

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