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Western interaction with Iran demonstrations between supportive and conservative

International reactions to demonstrations in Iran have varied between outspoken supporters such as US President Donald Trump and others who have shown a degree of diplomatic expression, such as Britain’s foreign minister and EU foreign affairs chief.

As the protests continued for the sixth day in a row, the American president chanted on Twitter in support of the demonstrators, describing Iran as a “failed state at all levels despite the horrendous deal the Obama administration made with it,” referring to the nuclear deal reached by Tehran with world powers in the era of Former US President Barack Obama.

“The great Iranian people have been suppressed for many years, they are hungry for food and freedom, Iran’s wealth is as rotten as human rights,” Trump said.

The European Union expressed its “hope” that the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression would be guaranteed after the public statements of President Hassan Rowhani.

Iran has been witnessing demonstrations since Thursday in protest against the economic crisis and the rejection of government policies, which erupted during the protests violence, which killed 20 people, and arrested dozens.

For his part, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson stressed the need for Tehran to hold a meaningful discussion and a project on the problems revealed by the protesters in Iran, pointing to his country’s follow-up events there closely.

In a statement marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Johnson said he regretted the death toll in the Iranian protests, calling on all parties to stay away from violence and respect for international human rights.

In Russia, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing the hope that the events in Iran will not turn violent, asserting its rejection of foreign interference and instability in Iran.

German Foreign Minister Ziegmar Gabriel appealed to the Iranian government to respect the protesters’ right to assemble and express their opinion.

Gabrielle also called on all parties in Iran to refrain from violence following clashes in recent days.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the demonstrators as “brave” and “heroes” in a recorded comment on YouTube on Monday.
Source: Al Jazeera + Agencies

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