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The leak reveals instructions from the Egyptian intelligence to attack Shafiq

On Monday evening, McMullin TV broadcast more audiotape recordings to the New York Times for telephone calls to an Egyptian intelligence officer, in which former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq threatened a fierce media campaign if he insisted on running for the next presidential election.

The leaked new recordings included phone calls between the captain in the military intelligence Ashraf and media experts including Azmi Mujahid and artists, including Hala Sedqi and Afaf Shuaib, instructing them what should be promoted as the presidential election next March approaches.

As for Shafiq, the officer said that if he did not step back from running for president, his predecessors would be “cursed” by the Egyptian media. He said that if he changed his candidacy, he would be respected. Shafiq announced Sunday that he would not run for the next presidential election, and the New York Times quoted one of his lawyers as a forced retreat.

In the audio recordings broadcast by McMullen’s channel, the officer asked Azmi Mujahid to prepare recordings of the former Egyptian prime minister showing his links with the Muslim Brotherhood before the 2012 presidential elections, in preparation for the broadcast if Shafiq insisted on running.

Shafiq lost the election by a narrow margin to Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted by a military coup on July 3, 2013.

The intelligence officer also asked Egyptian artist Hala Sedqi to talk about terrorism, support President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and “renew his mandate” to fight terrorism.

In another connection with the artist Afaf Shuaib, the intelligence officer asked the artist to participate in an intervention on the channel “DMC” on the occasion of the second mandate of the Sisi to fight terrorism, and asked her to talk about the subject of Yemen because it “helps the short memory of the Egyptian people,” to the extent Saying.

The recordings also included criticism of officers in the Egyptian General Intelligence in foul language. The recordings broadcast by the Egyptian opposition channel showed how Captain Ashraf was directing media personalities including Azmi Mujahid and artists including Yosra, to promote the abandonment of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and the evacuation of Sinai from its population under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
Source: Al Jazeera

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