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Trump may be under investigation for “collusion” with Russia

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Special investigator Robert Muller may question US President Donald Trump over the coming weeks about Russia’s supposed intervention in the recent US presidential election, the White House said, while the White House is silent about the possible investigation.

Muller had raised the question of questioning during a meeting with a number of Trump lawyers late last month, but the legal team of Trump wants clarifications about the possibility of questioning directly, as well as the legal framework for the timing of the interrogation and its location and issues to be raised.

He also seeks to reach possible compromises to avoid a direct encounter between Trump and Muller, and replace it with written answers from the US president. One option is for Trump to provide a written statement confirming his innocence and denying any complicity between his campaign and Russia.

The White House on Monday refused to confirm or deny whether Trump would meet Muller to respond to potential campaign collusion with Russia in order to secure his victory in the November 2016 election over his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

A Trump lawyer said in a statement that the White House did not comment on contacts with the Office of the Special Inspector in respect of him and his work. The US president has repeatedly denied any complicity to his campaign, describing the charges against him and his close associates as allegations, and recently denied the possibility of isolating the special investigator.

Muller is also investigating the possibility that the US president and his close associates sought to disrupt justice, raising speculation that Trump may be questioned.

Since the issue of Russian intervention in the presidential elections has been raised, the Trump administration has been under considerable pressure that has resulted in the dismissal of senior officials like former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and others before a congressional inquiry.
Source: Al Jazeera + Agencies

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