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Muller probes .. links of the UAE, Russia, Israel and Kouchner

The New York Times has revealed new leads in the investigation of private investigator Robert Mueller linking the UAE, Russia and Israel and Jared Kouchner’s adviser and brother-in-law Donald Trump.

The interview shows that Lebanese businessman George Nader has ties to the UAE and Russia, and possibly has information linking the two main investigative lines of the Muller investigation, and that there are new names Muller is investigating or questioning, including Jewish businessman Richard Jersen, And Australian businessman Jules Zamel.

The New York Times reported that Richard Jersen and Jules Zamil had close ties to the UAE, Israel, Russia and Kouchner, and that Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed had assigned his adviser George Nader to visit Russia several times. He kept a picture of him with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and documents and interviews revealed that the Crown Prince Abu Dhabi took a rare visit to Russia.

Arrest at the airport
Special investigator Muller is also investigating a meeting at Gersen’s office attended by Nader and Kouchner and former national security adviser Steve Bannon.

The New York Times reported that Zamil was stopped at an airport on the outskirts of Washington, and a jury asked him about George Nader and about remittances from the UAE to America. Investigators also asked the Australian businessman about George Nader, his relations with Russia and Trump’s advisers.

She said that Zamil has an office in Tel Aviv and has had a business relationship in the UAE for years. She added that he has been working with figures close to the crown prince of Abu Dhabi for nearly four years.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Washington, Murad Hashim, said the new is that what appeared to be separate tracks in Muller’s investigations, the course of the Russian intervention and the role of the UAE, shows that they are connected.

Muller recently questioned witnesses who revealed the possibility of links between the two tracks. Their link is George Nader, who was investigated in more than one sub-track of Muller’s investigations into the role of the UAE in gaining influence in the Trump administration, Trump and Moscow via the UAE as demonstrated at the Seychelles meeting.

“The New York Times highlighted a rare relationship with Russia, which has not been disclosed much in the past. The newspaper pointed out that there is a possibility of links between Russia and the UAE in relation to Muller’s investigations regarding the possible Russian intervention in the US presidential election.

Rare and Russia
The newspaper reported that George Nader has ties with Moscow since 2012, has visited Russia several times representing the majority of the UAE, and arranged a weapons deal between Iraq and Russia in 2012, which was later canceled due to suspicion of corruption. Sheikh Mohammed was accompanied by visits to Moscow. Nader is associated with Kiril Dimitriev, a Russian investment fund manager who attended the Seychelles meeting.

Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that the New York Times reported that the Australian businessman Jules Zamil was involved in the investigation. Müller’s investigations were aimed at identifying Nader’s activities and relations with Russia, and if funds were transferred from the UAE to the United States.

Source: The New York Times, The Island

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