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Industry announces entry into the biofuel industry of Jatropha plant as a source of clean energy

Minister of State for Industry, Dabdou Daoud, announced his ministry’s efforts to enter the field of bio-fuel industry from the Jatropha plant spread in Sudan in cooperation with the City of Technology.
This came during his visit to the City of Leather Technology in Khartoum, Khartoum, accompanied by the Director of Research and Industrial Consulting Daoud Abdel Halim in the presence of the Director of the City of Technology d. Osama Abdel Wahab Al-Rayes, commented on the programs and projects implemented by the city and the incubators contained in Wa’ir to a detailed explanation of the sections of the city.
He stressed the importance of the city as one of the important tributaries of the industrial sector, which works with the Ministry of Industry in the field of invention and innovation and the development of the program of production of ethanol from sugar cane, stressing the participation of the technological city in the “Made in Sudan” next month with a large suite of programs implemented and approved in the city, adding that it is an important source of energy Alternative and clean.
For his part, Dr. Osama Abdel Wahab, Director of the City of Africa Technology explained a detailed explanation of the production of fuel from the Jatropha plant, indicating the entry of citizens in the cultivation of Jatropha in six states of the country, stressing the importance of Jatropha plant in combating desertification and entering the green belt passes through Sudan and neighboring countries. He called on the state to pay more attention to research centers and to deal with the financing of the cultivation of the Jatropha plant estimated at 20 billion. He pointed out the importance of enhancing the industry with digital technology and the new dimensions of the 3D printing industry to add additional value to local and rural Sudanese products. State in Industry “.
Source: SUNA

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