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“The Wall” .. New Samsung TV measuring 146 inches

Samsung has unveiled a new 146-inch microSD television called the “Wall”.

MicroLED is based on Samsung’s cinema screen design technology. Although the Wall TV is a large measurement, it is 146 inches larger but can be larger because it adopts the modular design.

According to Samsung, the user can add or remove units to make the TV bigger or smaller, and in any situation, adjusting the screen measurement has no negative impact on the image quality displayed.

Unlike traditional LCD TVs based on LED technology – which uses liquid crystal and LED backlight – MicroLead uses a matrix of millions of tiny individual LEDs to generate the image.

The technique is similar to that used in scoreboards or jumbo screens used to display ads on the walls of buildings in major cities, or to display a larger picture of singers at large concerts in theaters or ball games, modified to fit the use Home.

Samsung says the 146-inch metric has been chosen to match the standard height of the roof.

Because each LED light can operate or turn off individually, the Micro LED screens have almost unlimited contrast capabilities like OLED TVs. The Wall TV can have a lighting rate of 2,000 lumens, The LCD LED screen has been tested, according to CNET’s technical website.

Combining high contrast and high intensity lighting can create high-quality images when viewing movies using HDR technology.

The company is expected to start shipping this TV later this year, but has not disclosed its price or is currently available.

The unveiling of the “Wall” TV was on the sidelines of Samsung’s participation in the Consumer Electronics Show, which begins today in Las Vegas in the United States and continues until 12 this month.
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