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Army: intelligence coordination of Sudan with “10” countries

The National Council approved a law on the establishment of the East African Emergency Force for 2016. The joint report of the Security, Defense, Legislation, Justice, Human Rights, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Committees revealed the draft law, which included (26) Article 4, East African Power, which must be guided by the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Sudanese Minister of State for Defense, Hashem Ali Salem, said that Sudan was late in signing the agreement, noting that the establishment of the East African Emergency Force would return to Sudan with gains. “Africa is our depth, our people and our people and supported us in all situations,” he said. In the field of intelligence and political, pointing out that the crime has become international and that Sudan coordinates with (10) countries in the field of intelligence and political.


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