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Albahir: Blue Nile development projects expanded thanks to peace

The President of the Republic, Marshal Omar al-Bashir, confirmed that the expansion of peace in the Blue Nile is offset by the expansion of development projects.
This came during his address to the mass rally rally in the city of Ruseiris, the historic capital of the Blue Nile on the occasion of the opening of the Children Accident Hospital in Ruseiris.
Al-Bashir said that he stood on all the needs of the state, adding that the construction and completion of roads, electricity, health services and education in the northern countryside of Ruseiras and Damazin will be a priority for implementation in the next phase.
The President of the Republic reiterated his commitment to achieving security, peace and services for citizens in order to achieve the objectives of the National Accord Government. He said during the address of the mass crowd of Damazin citizens in the field of artillery that security and development are two sides of one coin, stressing the state’s commitment to achieve the aspirations of the Sudanese people to provide all security services.
“We do not care about the people,” he said.
He pointed out that the development was excellent in the state of Blue Nile, especially the roads, especially Damazin Karmak way in 2011, but the conditions that passed through the mandate and rebellion were among the reasons for the disruption of the project and many other projects. “People who took up arms under the pretext of marginalization and injustice, He said: “What is greater injustice than killing the believing soul, intimidating the safe and disrupting the development and services of the citizens, but they are the ones who wronged and delayed and delayed development?” The president went on to say: “We said to them: ‘All of us are large and we share with each other and put our hands to build the country.’
And Aban al-Bashir that the directives are clear about the safe areas by completing roads and bridges, and the delivery of water and electrification of all villages.
He added that “we worked a transformative station near the reservoir with a capacity of 250 kilowatts to connect the electricity to the villages of Blue Nile State, and that we will not get electricity from the center to electrify villages, agricultural projects and orchards.” He stressed the government’s keenness to build roads to transport the product and provide security in the production areas.
The president stressed that education and basic education is one of the most important programs of the state, and that every child has reached six years for his guardian to bring him into school. He said, “We will hold every father who did not enter his school because we want to build a nation and nation.” He declared full health care for mothers and children, A decent living for citizens.

Source: SUNA

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