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Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Thursday 11 January 2018

The most prominent headlines of Sudanese political newspapers issued on Thursday, January 11, 2018


(Press) reveals the latest developments .. Escalating prices in Eritrean cities and the discovery of stores of smuggled goods
Eritrean forces extend east and south of Kassala
Bashir: Enemies target the homeland
Stop 152 voluntary organizations in the state of Kassala
Egyptian Foreign Minister: Stumbling in front of the four freedoms with Sudan
Finance launches campaign to curb speculations in markets and states

Akhbar Aluom:

CAIRO: Thugs face “four freedoms” with Khartoum
“Mehdi Sharif” surprised the police and waives the trial of the accused of killing his wife and her brother sticks
Finance calls for control of markets to control increases
Blue Nile nominates Bashir for a new presidential term

Al-Ahram Aluom:

Finance defies and holds the state responsible for rising prices
Metals accuse governors and are authorized to grant ratifications for mining without reference to the ministry
National: Bashir is the only guarantor to implement the outputs of the national dialogue
Minister of Guidance and Endowments visits the Coptic Churches in Khartoum and Omdurman


Army: ready to protect the Ethiopian Renaissance dam and water resources in the country
Gunmen assassinate a police assistant inside his home in Bram district of South Darfur
Bashir to the citizens of the Blue Nile: We will not let you down and are ready to serve you according to your instructions
The share of companies in hydrocarbons decreased to (50%)


“Finance”: the rise in prices is not justified nor increase in fuel
The assassination of a police officer by gunmen in Darfur
Total power outages in the country for hours
President: Venice will not be a means to receive power


Bashir: We do not trust the people and those who call to fight marginalization are liars
“Scholars of the Sudan”: providing the citizens with the duty of the ruler
Finance does not increase fuel prices
Finance disallows high commodity prices and holds states accountable


Bashir: Venice will not be a means of receiving power
Parliamentary movements to withdraw confidence from the ministers of the economic sector
Full details of the assassination of a police assistant
Scholars of Sudan: providing the citizens with time of hardship and the ruler’s duty

Algwat Almslh:

Supreme Commander: Venice will not be a means of receiving power
The Minister of Defense praises the roles and achievements of national service
Deputy Chief of Staff inaugurates air ambulance
Finance: Unwarranted commodity price increases

Sudan Vishion:

Bashir: Security and development are two sides of one coin
UN envoy: Security Council will discuss the cooperation agreement between Khartoum and Juba
Minister of Guidance and Endowments visits the Coptic Churches in Khartoum and Omdurman
Justice and Equality: Egypt has not played any positive role in the Darfur issue


High sugar prices and (850) pounds for mobile and finance refuse to increase wages
The teachers ‘group criticized the authorities’ intrusion on Khartoum University campus and denounced the arrest of 3 students
Dissatisfaction among the deputies of the Parliament to the President of the Council and a deputy described by the (dictator)
Activists denounce the attack of Professor Qassim Badri on the students of grandchildren

Akher Lhza:-

Bashir: Venice will not be a means of receiving power
Finance: Rising commodity prices is not our responsibility
Bashir calls for maintaining security and uniting the home front
A campaign to curb speculations in the parallel market

Almgher Alseease:-

Union of Employers raises a memorandum to the President on the dollar customs
Eighty sue his son (the able) and ask him to spend it
Adjusting sugar packets in violation of weights
Starting a month difference from applying the rotary structure starting from today


The assassination of the director of the investigation in the district of Bram
The Minister of Minerals suspends “27” companies and factories and accuses the governors of violating the law
“Scientists of Sudan”: the government to expose corruption
An emergency meeting of the leaders of “National”

Alray Alaam:

Finance: No justification for increases in commodity prices
Sudan and China go beyond obstacles to cooperation and agree on new projects
President: Venice will not be a means of receiving power
Bashir: Rebels are lying to citizens in advocacy of the marginalized


The “veil” reveals from the eastern border a plan to strike Sudan
“The Body of Scientists”: The expression of people rejecting increases is undeniable
Clashes on the border of Juba
Assistant President apologizes to Mahdi


Bashir: We will protect the constitution and support citizens’ choices in the 2020 elections
The army: Dam Renaissance is important to us like the High Dam of Egypt
Bashir: We are with the protection of the Constitution and our mission to hold democratic elections
Finance: price increase is not acceptable
Source: Alnilin

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