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Daily Arabic Newspapers Sport Headlines Thursday 11 January 2018

The most prominent headlines of Sudanese sports newspapers issued on Thursday, January 11, 2018

Al-Sdaa Newspaper:
Echo reveals the most accurate details of negotiations Mars and Portuguese Alvaro
Orange adheres to the appointment of a national assistant and welcomes the Marathi offer
Al-Ittihad Al-Libi completes official loan of Al-Samani Al-Sawi and Garzito betting on his success

Al-Jawhara Alridia newspaper:
The billionaire president withdraws from the club’s management and the Tunisian national pays the resignation
Leopard collapses before battling the crescent
Farias refuses to progress in the trials, insisting on the African matches and the blue receives the approval of Kormahia and the Panthers
The Minister of Culture appreciates the Cardinal’s efforts and confirms the blue jewel of unprecedented work
The hawks of Aljdian were maneuvering on the Wydad Stadium
Karika and Shabula star in the first indoor division
Ahli Shendi refuses to evacuate the popular arena of Mars

Al-Zawya Newspaper:
He left for his country without a deal. Decisive .. Linking his return to send the contract provider .. And Mars takes care
The contract with the Portuguese at the mercy of the deal Samani
Detecting a chronic injury to Fofana .. Anesthesia can take part in one run
The quartet is back from Cairo today .. The trio is lagging behind .. and Scorpio. The Sierra Leoneans are leaving Sunday

Al-Dar Newspaper “Sports Supplement”:
Hilal continues his maneuvers and Farias prepares his choices to surprise Lecker of Liberia
The ball federation released the passport Scorpio and Saddam Sinja reveals the exciting
Mars coach Alvaro today and Al-Samani is an official player of the Libyan federation
Al-Jidian hawks rally in Casablanca and announce the emergency to Guinea

Al-Zaeem Newspaper
Alvaro gets to view Mars and leaves for his country
Red offers 25 thousand dollars contract provider .. 9 thousand monthly salary .. huge incentives to win the African Championship
The leader continues his physical preparations for the new season .. Cherf joins the training and the Portuguese attend

* A goalless draw leaves the return leg between Chelsea and Arsenal
* Real Madrid drowns in the wave of obstacles and equates with Numancia
* Villarreal to be crowned King of Spain by Legianis
* St Germain crosses Amien with a double in the League Cup
* Rennes climb to the semi-finals of the League Cup in a league against Toulouse
* Barcelona completes the deal to join Colombian defender Yare Mina of Palmeiras
* England face Nigeria and Costa Rica amicably
Wenger confirms the departure of Arsenal’s Cochlin in the current transfer
* FIFA settles on the fate of video technology in the World Cup Russia
* Zidan: We will not lower our arms .. We need to win in two or three games to restore some confidence
* Kane: I’m looking for a permanent advantage over Messi and Ronaldo
* Bayern Munich lose Levandowski to Leverkusen due to injury
* Video technique rejects a penalty for Arsenal against Chelsea
* Ribery raises doubts about his future with Bayern Munich
* FIFA and the Council of Europe aspire to increase cooperation in human rights
* Liga supports Messi to the fans of Real Madrid
* Ibrahimovic accused the Swedish press of racism
* Sevilla intends to lodge a complaint against Manchester United for not providing enough tickets to its fans
* Valverde calls Barcelona stars to face Celta Vigo
* Nottingham defender buys a dog to celebrate Arsenal’s elimination
Libya loses for the first time under Mariemi to Burkina Faso
* The Japanese Olympic surpasses the Palestine obstacle in the Asian Cup

Source: Alnilin

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